Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

College Scholarship Program

Each Spring we hold our Annual Scholarship Breakfast.   At this event the Society will present 10,  $1000 scholarships in memory of Italian American Police Officers that lost their lives in the line of duty.   These scholarships are available only to the children or grandchildren  of members who are college bound high school seniors.
Members must have been in good standing with dues paid for five consecutive years
Members that meet the above criteria that DO NOT have children can submit nieces and nephews in certain circumstances.  For more information please contact the committee for more details.  An application needs to be filled out by the Students & parents and submitted to the scholarship committee usually a month before our Scholarship Breakfast. 

The 2020 Scholarship Application can be downloaded HERE
(right-click to save to your computer)

This year’s Breakfast will be on April 19th


2019 Scholarship Recipients

This morning, Sunday, 5-19-2019, we held our Annual Scholarship Presentation Breakfast at The Red Knot at Galloping Hill Golf Course.  More photos will be posted here soon.

Congratulations to the 2019 Italian American Police Society of New Jersey Scholarship Recipients. To date our organization has provided more than $250.000 in scholarships to college bound students. These students are our future!


Chloe Jean Nardone  –  Lt. Rocco Niisivoccia Scholarship
DePaul Catholic High School, Wayne

Frank Battaglia  –  Prosecutor Andrew Rutolo Scholarship,
Hasbrouck Heights High School

Hailey Levis  –  Detective Michael Morgan Scholarship,
Indian Hills High School, Oakland

Raquel Marie Migliorino –   Officer Stephen Petruzzello Scholarship,
Montville High School

Katrina Pucciarelli  –  Detective Marc DiNardo Scholarship,
Immaculate Conception High School, Lodi

Madison Oratio  –   Officer Mary Ann Collura Scholarship,
Indian Hills High School, Oakland

Maeghan Grace Serrone  –  Captain Alphonse Imperiale Scholarship, Phillipsburg High School

Jenna Nicole Manfre  –   Captain Kathy Mazza Scholarship,
Howell Twp. High School

Victoria Pantina   –   Trooper Philip Lomonico Scholarship,
Governor Livingston High School, Berkeley Heights

Sara Meg Caporuscio   –   Sergeant John Raineri Scholarship,
Ramapo High School, Franklin Lakes


Below are the 2018 Scholarship Recipients




Below is a list of attachments that are needed for submission of the scholarship application.

1.  PSAT or SAT results.
2.  Most recent grade transcript showing all high school grades to date.
3.  Any letters of acceptance received along with the estimated cost for attending the institution.
4.  A copy of your parent’s income tax statement for the previous year. (see application for the correct year)
5.  A signed statement from the student, describing themselves and their future personal, academic and career plans.
 Below is the Scholarship Form (Beta Test)
Applicant Info
Class Rank & Number of Students in class. This can be expressed as a fraction. For example, tenth in a class of 25 would be 10 / 25
Name and ages of all the children in your family, the schools they are attending, tuition charges, and, any scholarships they are receiving including amounts of said scholarships. If none, state \"None\"
List the names and addresses of colleges to which you have applied or intend to apply with notations as to any acceptances you have received. Please note estimated cost of tuition and room and board if applicable.
To what degree will your four-year college education lead?
Have you selected a major? If so, what?
While attending college, where will you live? (check one)
List all high schools and grammar schools you have attended, include address of school and dates attended.
List all high schools and grammar schools you have attended, include address of school and dates attended.
List any and all sources of financing your education, which are available, including but not limited to, parental contributions, personal savings, scholarships, and/or student loans.
Describe your work activities for the past three years, either for your family at home or outside employers, or both, noting earnings if applicable.
Specify your high school activities, detailing your participation and time spent on each.
What are your favorite leisure time activities?
If there are any special reasons why you feel you should win the scholarship, or information, which you feel may assist the selection committee, please indicate here.

If you have scanned the required items each are uploaded below.

1. PSAT or SAT results.
2. Most recent grade transcript showing all high school grades to date.
3. Any letters of acceptance received along with the estimated cost for attending the institution.
4. A copy of your parent\'s income tax statement for the year .
5. A signed statement describing yourself and your future personal, academic and career plans.
Extra Info
Extra Info

Trooper Philip Lamonaco,NJ State Police  12-21-1981

Capt. Kathy Mazza, Port Authority of NY & NJ PD  9-11-2001

Police Officer Mary Ann Collura  Fair Lawn PD 4-17- 2003

Det. Marc DiNardo, Jersey City PD – 7-21-2009

Sgt. John Raineri,  NYPD Columbia Association

Det. Michael Morgan,  Newark Police Department

Lt. Rocco Nisivoccia,  Essex County Prosecutors Office

Andrew Ruotolo,  Essex County Prosecutors Office

Alphonse Sierchio Memorial Scholarship

Police Officer Stephen Petruzzello Memorial Scholarship  (12-29-2014)

Alphonse Imperiale Memorial Scholarship (April 21, 2018)