• Our Executive Secretary Pat Minutillo had been publishing the IAPSNJ Newsletter since the beginning of 2009.   Starting with the Spring 2011 issue, he decided to re-designate it as the Italian American Police Society Quarterly Magazine.   It had started to get too big to be considered a newsletter.   In it,  you will find things from Italian trivia to new legislation, to articles and photos of our events.  

Starting in 2021, Pat has retired from the Magazine. You should start seeing our new magazine shortly.

If you would like to submit something for publication,  such as a promotion, retirement, birth, etc.  use the form below.  Don’t forget the photos.

Please enjoy past issues. Of our magazine below.  These digital versions have hyperlinks to content described therein.   Enjoy.  

We have decided to Post our old newsletters as a look into the past.  Here are some of our older publications.  We will add them as we find them.  The links will be active once they are scanned.  If you happen to have one that is not listed here,  please let me know.

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