Patrick DeFrancisci

Director of Training & Legislative Affairs

3 19 2022 73

Pat DeFrancisci is a 40 year law enforcement and public safety professional. His background includes Street Cop, Detective, Homicide Detective/Task Force Lieutenant and Narcotics and Gang Task Force Captain at the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office before honorably retiring. His experience in both the public and private sectors offers unique perspective in both the criminal and civil process. He has received numerous awards for his service and holds a Masters Degree from Seton Hall University and has instructed at the college and Police Academy level. Pat leads the Italian American Police Society’s Training & Legislative Affairs as a member of its Executive Board. 




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The Italian American Police Society of New Jersey Supports the Movement to Restore the Cost of Living Adjustment Removed by Previous Legislature. Below please find a website with updated information. 

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Check Out This Moving Piece Written by Executive Board Member & Director of Training & Legislative Affairs Patrick DeFrancisci.

WHY COPS CRY   by   Ret. Captain Patrick DeFrancisci

 The first time you see the badge

You sparkle, and are not sad

It’s something that you’d aspire to

All giddy and happy, this is just for you


As time goes on, your decision is concrete

I’m gonna be a cop, and that can’t be beat

I know the dangers, I know the risk

But sitting at a desk is not just not my dish

You begin to get excited, maybe its gonna happen

Then the academy comes, tests, PT you need to be un-flappen  

This is surreal, my dream came true

As they announce my name, the new guy in blue

You’ve joined a club, the biggest gang of all

The power in your hands, only a few accept the call

Midnights, days and special squads I think

Time will tell, they say it goes in a blink

What we see, you can’t imagine

That human beings do to each other, when life they abandon

My sons and daughters, my wife see the change

As anxiety builds up, it’s so hard to explain

You say, “I’m ok”, what a lie

Maybe they won’t see my internal cry

Just go to one funeral for a colleague in blue

Some spectators lined up, but there are so few

But they leave one by one, such a shame they will say

Tomorrow you’re still the cop, and they go about their day

As the numbers climb, turn a blind eye

There’s no support anymore, only the families to sigh

One bad cop who tarnished the badge

Now everyone pays, isn’t that so sad

The headlines proclaim it’s time to defund

As the murder rate rise, one by one

Criminals feel free to do as they must

There’s no penalty anymore, just a kick in the butt

The politicians fled, once by your side

An election is coming, I have to go hide

Demonic groups chanted and burned

But collected money they surely didn’t earn

Lies and propaganda, everyone got on board

Even big business shuttered the norm

We must follow suit, to keep up our greed

Not a single dollar went to those in great need

We all watched the cities in turmoil

When is it ok , to let them boil

Politicians use excuses with blame make it easy

Sit on the sidelines, yes they are sleazy

Hundreds fall victim to the new attitude

Body worn camera’s, will now be the new

But it’s too late, you chose your side now

We only answer calls, we’re no longer proud

No more proactive, that’s the new call

Can this really be how we will fall

What happened to my dream, stolen in one breath

Now I’m the enemy, is this a test

Who really suffers, not just the blue

It’s all of us now, this is so true

Put your career on hold or flee from the mess

I hate to say it, but I’m done with the stress

I’ve laughed and given it all to the end

No respect, no more left, this I can no longer pretend

Ask yourself who really won, in this charade

Now they come running back, all so afraid

We’ll give you just pay, a bonus to stay 

But it’s too late, I found my new way

I may leave or retire, my time is now done

Please be careful, I have said to my son

Do your best, it’s not what it was

Just maybe change will come from above

Politicians and sell outs have made their mark clear

No one cares about you, they toast with their beer

Only you can choose, and ask yourself why

Will anyone care, Why Cops Cry



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