Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

Gold Courtesy Cards

The cards depicted on this page are available for regular members only.  Associate Member Cards are now available.  Use contact form below so your status may be verified.  For more information about card availability,  see the FAQ Below.  (Actual cards will be slightly different.  These are only renderings).  Press the Add to Cart button below the pictures of the card(s) you wish to order.

Be sure to use the form below to list the way you wish your name to be printed as well as the Bearer names, along with the 2nd logo information if applicable.

Orders will not be placed until we receive this name information

This a rendering of the card for reference only.
Price $12.00 each
This a rendering of the card for reference only.
Price $15.00 each
Select number of cards at check-out

Select number of cards at check-out

Use this form for inquiries about the Cards, as well as listing Bearer Names and how you want your name to appear.  If you can,  do a Google image search for your department's shield, and copy the image's address into the contact form so we can confirm. 

Gold Card Order Form

  • The processing of your Gold Card order will not be completed until you provide the name information for them. Including How your name should appear, "Officer", "PO", etc.
    See more instructions below.


Gold Cards F.A.Q.:

Are the cards available for All members?
Yes,  We offer Gold Courtesy Cards for regular "Police Officer" members.  and now, Associate members.  Send email using form above for information.  Dues must be current and will be checked before the order is filled.

Is my Department shield available?
More than likely. The printer can find almost any shield.  Upload it if you have a digital copy.

Can I be sure? My department has many divisions?
You can do a couple of things. Do a Google Image Search and find it. You can then send it via the form above. Or you can send the link to the image via the form above.

Can I order both styles of cards? (single or 2 shield)
Yes, but for now you have to make a separate transaction for each style.

Is there a limit to the number of cards I can purchase?

Do I really need a PayPal account?

It makes it easier,  but if you don't have a PayPal account, you can still use your credit card.  Although, PayPal will handle this transaction for you.

What do I do after I pay for the cards?
Use the form above and provide the names:  Please include how you want Your Name to appear on the card, as well as the Bearers of the cards.  Remember that this information will be directly copied onto the order form and we are not responsible for misspelled names, etc.