Each Spring the Society will present  up to $10,000 in scholarships in the memory of Italian American Police Officers that lost their lives in the line of duty, as well as other memorial scholarships near & dear to the organization.   These scholarships are available only* to the children or grandchildren  of members who are college bound high school seniors.

Presentations will be 5/10/2023
at the Chandelier in Belleville.  Come join us


See the 2022 Italian American Police Society of NJ Scholarship Recipients

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Scholarship Application for 2023 is now available here.

Deadline for application is April 19th


Eligibility Requirements

Members must have been in good standing with dues paid for five consecutive years
Members that meet the above criteria that DO NOT have children can submit nieces and nephews in certain circumstances.  For more information please contact the committee for more details.  An application needs to be filled out by the Students & parents and submitted to the scholarship committee usually a month before our Scholarship Breakfast. 

To date our organization has provided more than $300.000 in scholarships to college bound students. These students are our future!


Italian American Police Society of New Jersey Memorial Scholarships

(Click on the links below to learn about the namesakes of our scholarships)



Below is a list of attachments that are needed for submission of the scholarship application.

  1. PSAT or SAT results.
  2. Most recent grade transcript showing all high school grades to date.
  3. Any letters of acceptance received along with the estimated cost for attending the institution.
  4. A copy of your parent’s income tax statement for the previous year. (see application for the correct year)
  5. A signed statement from the student, describing themselves and their future personal, academic and career plans.


*Note.: In certain situations, another family member may be considered.  Contact Jerry Onnembo  to inquire

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