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Long Island Iced Tea
A number of years ago my brother told me that he found the best summer drink.  A Long Island Ice Tea.  (He lives in Long Island).  I hadn't heard of the drink but many have.  This variation of the Long Island Iced Tea is from my brother Peter.  His method of mixing the drink , he said, would give the most consistent taste since the recipe calls for 7 ingredients,  5 of which are liquor in equal quantities.  It's a bit expensive to do it the first time, especially if you plan to make enough for all summer.
Gin       Vodka       Tequila       Rum       Triple Sec
The first 4 on this list can be the cheaper, bar brands, but according to Peter,  the Triple-Sec MUST be Hiram Walker,  although,  it may just be his taste

Preparation, you have to purchase 5 equal size bottles of the 5 liquors listed above.  His method may sound goofy,  but again, it makes for a very consistent taste.  Take all 5 bottles (or at least equal quantities) and pour into a pot.  Give a stir.  Then pour the mixture back into the bottles and label them L.I.I.T. Mix.  These will be what you pour from.

In a Tall Glass filled with ice, pour about 2 shots of the mix
Fill the glass up about 2/3 with orange juice (many bar tenders use sour mix,  we don't like it though)
Top off the glass with a little Coca-Cola (for color)

Give it a stir, and enjoy.  You will notice the sweetness the orange juice gives,

These can sneak up on you,  so be careful,  but Enjoy.


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