Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

Donate to Feed First Responders

During this unprecedented health care crisis, law enforcement officer members of the Italian American Police Society of New Jersey are on the front lines of danger on the street, behind bars, guarding transportation systems and in many other locations. The amazing heroes in this battle are the men and women working as nurses, doctors and medical personnel in hospitals. The Italian American Police Society of New Jersey is working to support these brave caretakers. We are providing cooked hot meals for hospital personnel to give them strength and comfort. This endeavor also helps to support in a small way local businesses that are struggling to survive.

We invite you to consider making a financial donation. All of these donations will be used to directly feed hospital personnel in areas needed in New Jersey. As always, we are proud to serve and protect New Jersey in various ways like this. We have always appreciated the generosity of our friends and supporters and thank you in advance for your help.

Very truly yours,

William Schievella,

If you can help in any way with a monetary donation which will help feed these workers,  Please follow the instructions below.   We would prefer Venmo so the full amount of your donation goes to the meals.  In your App,  Send to IAPS-Jersey.

If you do not have Venmo, you can use your personal PayPal account and “Send Money to Friends

At the top of your PayPal page you will see a Send & Request menu item.  Then Send to @iapsnj.  Enter the amount and don’t forget to add a Note like Feed the Police, etc.  If you have problems, you can still use the link below as a last choice.
Note,  The above methods will net your Full Amount for purchasing food.  No fees to the IAPSNJ.

You can fill in any amount you like.

You can always donate by mailing a check (see below).
That will also ensure that 100% of your donation goes to the meals.

Make Checks Out to :

The Italian American Police Society of NJ
Add Medical Worker Relief Fund to the memo.

Mail the checks to :



You may also send money via to IAPS-Jersey